Hi Kiah,
Nice to meet you today....
Have a good time in Bodrum.
Hi Merve,
I'm back in Istanbul
for a night and will
be in Kadıköy tomorrow.
I thought I might drop by
Torna to say hello to you
and Dave if you're around
tomorrow? And to maybe
show you a few of those
photographs I collected.
Hope you're well. Kiah
Hi Kiah,
I hope you are well.
Yes we are here tomorrow.
shall we say around 2.30?
speak soon, merve
Sounds good, I'll see you then. 
Hi Merve
How are you and David?
How is Torna?
still living on the Princes' Islands
To the viewer it could feel like
being in the front-seat of
a car as it crawls slowly down
a suggested route from A to B
you are constantly assessing
the view to notice something
seen before, the landscape
changes but the mood stays
the same. It’s a long trip.
Hey Kiah,
Very nice to hear from you!
I am very sorry for my late reply.
I am just writing to let you know
i will get back to you
with a proper email within this week.
Speak soon, merve
Hello Kiah,
I am sorry for the late reply again.
It is almost a month since you wrote!
We are ok here, just a bit busy doing
some paid work
that neither of us is very keen
Hopefully there will be less
of them in the coming months
so we can both concentrate
on our own works/projects.
I remember the photos of the lady.
I still have the two you gave me
incase i get more info about her.
I showed her to my mum and grandma
but no one seemed to know who she was.
Thanks for holding
Those two images
I kind of like that
they are continuing their
existence there here at the moment
How would you feel
if we framed
the undertaking
of this project as a residency
I am planning on
several trips in and around
Turkey this year
so I may have to
be away for a little
when you are here
but I don't think
this will be a problem
You'll be busy with
we can coordinate
the times to meet
What month do you think you would be coming over?
For how long are you thinking of staying?
No problem, good luck!
I don't yet have plans for next year.
I always have ideas!
I also wanted to raise the idea of during my time at torna
sharing the space with the artist Pamela Arce.
Yes sure. If it is good for you two, I am happy with it too.
Also i am sorry
about the idiotic question
about you two staying in two rooms or one!
I just wasn't sure if you were friends or a couple.
Didn't mean to sound like a grandmother!
I may not be able to come to torna today.
I just wanted to let you know.
I hope Pamela had a good trip to Istanbul.
We should all arrange a meeting some time.
I just read in the news that there will be big storms in the weekend.
They say it will start from Saturday morning.
One of the benefits of living on the island is that
you get trapped on the island during those storms
I may have to stay home on Saturday as they cancel the boats to the city.
It is very special for us to have you part of it.